Freedom to Write

A few more words from our guests…


“The tutors worked really well together – providing not only a good breadth of content but a lovely range of teaching styles and approaches to writing. Their wit and generosity helped make a daunting task an adventure. Their kindness and sense of mischief made the retreat a real delight” 

“Writing memoir is a peculiarly vulnerable act and our three tutors showed recognition of this in every part of the retreat” 

“…A wonderfully nourishing and enriching day at the Union Club in Soho with an inspiring group of writers. Andy and Yvonne, thank you so much for the encouragement and the challenge! Invaluable 

“All the tutors are fantastically approachable” 

“I was amazed by the people who came to the group – providing each other with encouragement, expertise, wisdom, kindness and hilarity. The quality of the writing and the genuine surprise at what we ourselves produced was heart warming” 

“Thank you, this has been such a precious time and one that I will cherish. Rich, inspiring, colourful, illuminating and provocative. I am so very grateful for all of this” “It’s not just a writing retreat. It’s very precious time with very precious people. It’s a community that Yvonne and Andy have carefully nurtured together. There is so much warmth and trust and affinity…It is a time and place like no other” 

“Heartfelt thank you to Yvonne for believing I can write more than bullet point reports, and her patience in explaining the importance of description…Andy’s generosity in sharing his life stories, well lived and compassionate, along with the techniques he uses for structure and characters, will stay in my mind as I write more…” 

“Sharing verbally in a safe space in which no-one is shocked and in which people have come alongside to help me get it on the page, has been steadying and nourishing. Talking of nourishing – the food has been incredible – so healthy but also so luxurious”

“We must all meet again” 




“Thank you for creating such a warm, receptive and imaginative space for us to relax and enjoy the shared inspiration. Without this accepting, playful environment I’m quite sure the group would not have taken the leaps of faith that helped us all move forward with our writing”

“What I’ve loved most is just how peaceful and respectful the retreat has been. It’s a safe space and we’ve all shared something powerful without fear of judgment”

“I was humbled by the people I met…my one-to-ones with various people were so informative and it is such a privilege to know people who are doing such vital work in the world [which] cannot help but become personal. It is fascinating to see how memoir is being combined with more academic approaches”

“The writing retreat has been refreshing, instructive and inspiring. The notebooks were a sweet touch. I’d love to do another retreat in 9-12 months to build on what I’ve learnt and to further develop my work. I hope you’ll do it again!”

“The workshops were so fantastic I wanted more…I’d recommend to anyone who’s looking for a creative writing retreat with added fun”

“We have touched each other at a surprisingly deep level and I need to hear about how the adventures continue”









27-30 JUNE 2024




29 April 2024